Who’s where?

If you have problems in your workplace or have any questions about your collective agreement, or if you need representation, please contact your local Steward, Unit Rep, or a member of your union executive.

President: Jason Budd 613-484-8846
Vice-President:  Luis Talledo 613-449-3226
Treasurer: Lorraine Mustard 613-539-2193
Recording Secretary: Tina Carquez 613-539-1936
Chief Steward Jason Chown 613-449-3227
Member at Large: Nancy Hanschmann 613-539-2438
Sergeant at Arms: Julia Lynch

Unit A  (Unit A is for Outside/Trades like Drivers labourers, Masons, Recycling, Waste, Mechanics, Parks and Arenas, Solid Waste, Roads, Arbourculture etc)
Rep : Chaun Claus 613-539-2531


Unit B (Unit B is Book keepers, Clerks, Traffic, Engineering, Social Services, Building, Planning, Housing, By-law)
Rep: Adam Bol 613-484-0871


Unit C (Unit C is Rideaucrest workers)
Rep: Dawn Thomas 613-539-2967


Unit D (Unit D is Transit)
Rep: Tom Mayer – 613-539-0846


Housing Rep: <John Wyer 613-539-3716


  • Tracy Longlad

Frontenac County Marine rep: Steve Norris 613-539-0419

Pam Sorenson
Melinda Morey Cuddon
Carol Behr

National Rep
Kathy Todd