What committees do we have at CUPE 109?
What do they do? and who do you contact with questions or if you want to volunteer?

The Union shall strive to ensure that all committees shall be reflective of the diversity of the membership of the local.

Negotiating Committee
– Special Committee established to meet and negotiate for a Collective Agreement.

Grievance Committee
– Permanent committee to manage grievances for its members.

Joint Labour Management Committee
– A committee to discuss issues that affect both the employer and the local.

Joint Job Evaluation Committee
– 50% Union Members who review job descriptions and review wages.

Executive Board
-All Officers except Trustees, meeting to ensure the effective running all the committees.

Social Committee
The Social Committee organizes events for the membership like the Picnic, Christmas Party and Children’s Christmas Party.

Technology Committee
– Advise and make recommendations regarding all information technology systems including the website, hardware and communications for the local.

Education Committee
– Review and advise regarding upcoming and suggested training opportunities.

Donation Committee
– Reviews and makes recommendations regarding all requests for charitable and sponsorship requests.

By-law Committee
– Review and amend the bylaws of the local

Full-Time / Part-Time Committee
– Discuss and support the ongoing collaboration between full-time and part-time workers.

* Health and Safety Committee
– Works to Educate members on the importance of workplace health and safety. Organise the day of mourning ceremony each year.

*Womens Committee
– Advise and give guidance on all issues that affect women in the workplace. Promote leadership, increase and support active participation, strive to eliminate gender discrimination.
CUPE 109 does not have a local Committee – Nancy Hancshmann is the local delegate to the National Womens Committee

*Racism and Discriminations Committee
-Advise and give guidance on all issues that affect all equity seeking groups including People of Colour, Aboriginals, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and transgendered workers in the workplace.
CUPE 109 does not have a local Committee

*Membership Support Committee
-Provide information to members regarding the union, visit members who are ill, coordinate assistance as provided through the local.
CUPE 109 does not have a local Committee

* Permanent Committees designated by CUPE National